recent projects 

Who is charlotte?

⭐ A collection of sentient starstuff and a screenwriter for children's television.

⭐ A boutique hotel for 100 trillion microbes and a published author.

⭐ 13 billion billion billion atoms playing a human and a creator of imaginative story worlds.

 ⭐ A brain puppeteering a skeleton, dressed in a rather fetching skin-suit and the Co-founder of Big Serious Studios.

Yes, just like you, I am many things.

find out what this rather fetching skin-suit has been up to lately:

Tiger print BG.png

i have big plans. huge.

I have a team of writers' guild-accredited monkeys sitting at typewriters right now.

If you give me your email, you'll be the first to know when their banana-smeared fingers stumble upon the next Shakespearian masterpiece. In the meantime, I'll sporadically update you with some of my latest news.

My microbes will be in touch with your microbes.