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Big Serious funding news

Big Serious made the news recently because the awesome-sauce people at Screen Australia have generously supported two of our latest projects, including my brain-baby: Goo Zoo!

"Screen Australia has granted development funding to a pair of family-friendly animated comedy series from Aussie prodco Big Serious Studios. Goo Zoo is a 26-episode microbiology-themed show created by Charlotte Rose Hamlyn (Kangaroo Beach), who’ll co-direct the project with David Peers (Happy Feet 2). Set in a petri dish world populated by microbes, the series is driven by the slapstick misadventures of Tina the amoeba. Thinkadinks, meanwhile, revolves around a team of crusaders who solve puzzles in a fantastical environment. Peers is directing this one, as well as writing scripts with Hamlyn, John Armstrong and Roshelle Fong."


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